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Classroom 200 is a free online resource for music teachers working with learners up to the age of 14.

In this course, we will unpack the resource, demonstrating how it can be used creatively and simply in the classroom and also in instrumental or vocal lessons. Performing & singing, listening and composing are taken in turn, and we will discover how skills are developed from through primary and secondary school using Classroom 200, by directly relating it to your curriculum and the aims of your teaching.

By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently use Classroom 200 in your music making, and you will leave the course with many practical examples of how it supports children to progress with their music making. Register for the resource in advance at www.classroom200.org.

By the end of this course, you will have:
  • Modified your learning resources to incorporate Classroom 200.
  • Investigated and reflected on the importance of the core skills; listening, performing, improvising and composing, and singing. 
  • Evaluated your schools' music provision and be able to incorporate Classroom 200. 
  • Explored the importance of how to take care of your voice in school.
  • Collaborated as part of a global network of music teachers.
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This course is designed for all music teachers – whether you are a classroom teacher or an instrumental/vocal teacher, have two pupils or teach all the pupils in your school. It will encourage you to reflect on your teaching and give you the confidence and expertise to explore and develop further.
The course includes online discussions, reading, analysing films, creating and using resources and reflecting on your individual situation and skills. You will have time to engage with self-improvement and evaluation, reflect on your learning to date and where you want to go next, and engage with other teachers so you can share experiences and learn from each other.You can register a place for yourself by adding the course to your basket. Click 'login' at the top right hand side and buy this course on the Enrol page today.

Learning outcomes
By the end of this course, you will:
  • Recognise and identify strengths and weaknesses in your teaching
  • Apply reflections from lesson observations to your teaching
  • Develop a professional support network 

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Welcome to Community resources. Browse resources to enhance your teaching.

Resources are categorised into 3 areas to help you find the resources that are most relevant to you: all teachers, instrumental & vocal teachers and classroom teachers.

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