Familiarising with Abrsm (and Trinity actually)

Familiarising with Abrsm (and Trinity actually)

by Cameron Jay -
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Hey everyone. 

I've recently taken over a teaching position in a school. I've approximately 19 students and most of them are doing graded exams. I've taught privately for over 10yrs now but never submitted and students for exams, mostly because the haven't wanted to do them so I'm totally unfamiliar with the process. 

I have good support from the school and the students are amazing they range from P6 to S6 and are playing at all grades an annoying thing is that the previous tutor taught grades 1-4 ABRSM and grades 5-8 Trinity,as he didn't instruct in music theory. This is fine and I'll deal with this going forward. 

My call for help is actually to do with familiarising myself with the ABRSM course material, how to choose piecesandreally best practices in preparation for my students. 

I'm widely versed in trumpet pedagogy and pride myself on a diverse knowledge of making a bit of metal sound musical, I suppose I just don't want to let down these amazing young musicians as they progress through their musical learning journey. 

Thanks in advance everyone. 

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Re: Familiarising with Abrsm (and Trinity actually)

by Russell Jackson -

I would recommend taking a look at the website https://www.abrsm.org/en-gb/instruments/brass.

There are two ABRSM exam options you can help pupils prepare for, practical or performance grades. Practical grades require candidates to prepare three pieces from the syllabus lists (one from list A, one from list B and one from list C). They also prepare a set of scales and arpeggios that they will be asked play a selection of from memory. There are supporting tests too. These are sight-reading and aural. There are books available for you to help your students prepare for these. Practical grades take place in person, in front of an examiner.

Performance grades require candidates to prepare four pieces (one from list A, one from list B, one from list C and a fourth piece of their choice). These are recorded exams and you upload the video to the ABRSM website for assessment.

I hope some of this helps!