Our Percussion syllabus provides pathways for Snare, Timpani, Tuned Percussion, and a Combined option. But there’s so many more technical pathways to discover in the repertoire itself. 

We often consider that the skills we are honing at the upper grades, or even as professionals, start to be identified much earlier on in the learning process. In the ‘Pathways through the percussion syllabus’ document, we have mapped out how musical and technical skills can be tracked through the syllabus repertoire. For example, we consider pieces with rhythmic challenges that improve counting through metre changes whilst keeping a strong sense of pulse, from Grade 1 right through to Grade 8, for Snare Drum, Timpani, and Tuned-Percussion. We also cover Stick control and development, building ensemble and voicing skills and colour and expression.  

As we develop a syllabus, it’s always in the back of our minds how we can make our repertoire more affordable for teachers. Of course, we cannot reduce prices of repertoire published by third parties, but we can choose repertoire from compilations that appear on more than one grade. You can find a list of the repertoire that this includes too. 

We hope you find this document useful! 

Download our Percussion Pathway Document

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Last modified: Wednesday, 28 June 2023, 10:34 AM